The Codex is no more!

We moved all the important information over to the homepage of VirtualFlight.Online:

The newsletter brings you the latest news and developments across everything we do. It's free to subscribe, gets delivered to your email, and can be read online.

We run group flights on a regular basis for the community to take part in. The flights are advertised in our Discord server.

The Virtual Airline is accepting pilot applications. Go to flight school, fly routes, go on tours, take part in events, win achievements and awards, and record your progress through a fantastic ACARS client.

We meet online in a Discord server where we can often be found chatting, flying, organising group flights, or helping each other with technical issues.

For those that prefer Facebook over Discord, we have a Facebook group too! Click the link below to visit and join.

We are the home of the Transmitter application, which allows people to see each other's location in LittleNavMap. Visit the Transmitter page to find out more, or visit the Who's Online page to find out who's flying right now!

While everything we do is free for members and visitors, it is not free to operate. If you are able to help a little with funding, your contribution will be gratefully received.