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The codex contains a wealth of information about community resources, operational guides, and a directory of online content to help answer questions you might have. Feel free to explore!


VirtualFlight.Online provides a number of resources to support the community building aspect of our operations. Each section below features a comprehensive guide to the services offered.

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VirtualFlight.Online host both a virtual airline, and less informal group flights. We are also exploring the world of air traffic control, and are beginning to host sessions with staffed control towers for pilots to both learn and practice their radio communication skills ready for the wider world of VATSIM.

Everything you need to know about our new Virtual Airline services.

Everything you need to know about joining and taking part in group flights.

Everything you need to know about inviting others to fly with you.

A guide to ATC procedures, phraseology, and how we operate for special events.


Download VirtualFlight.Online liveries for all your favourite aircraft!

Find out about Transmitter - the application that lets us see each on a map in real-time!


If you've ever wondered where to find great aviation and simulation related content on the internet, we've done a lot of the hard work for you - feel free to explore the best that the online world has to offer!

Discover some of the most interesting aviation content on Youtube.

A collection of some of the most interesting aviation related websites.

We're not the only flight simulation community on the internet :)

If you're looking for something interesting

When you're not flying, what better than a book about flying to while away the time with ?