If you prefer using Teamspeak over Discord when flying online with friends, we have a Teamspeak server you are welcome to use.

Note that group flights use Discord.

Teamspeak Server Address :

What is Teamspeak?

Teamspeak is a "voice over IP" solution that has been popular for many years. It allows many users to communicate within voice channels, has very good audio quality, and is popular among the e-sports and video game streaming community. It is not as feature rich as Discord, but uses far less resources.

Downloading and Installing the Teamspeak Client

You can download and install the Teamspeak client for free from the Teamspeak homepage:

Configuring the Teamspeak Client Software

The following instructions apply to the "Teamspeak 3" client software.

Connecting to the Server

After installing the Teamspeak client software, you will need to "connect" it to the VirtualFlight.Online teamspeak server.

That's it! - you're connected.

Bookmarking the Server

If you would like to "bookmark" the server - making it easy to find in the future - do the following:

Automatically connecting to a server

If you would like Teamspeak to connect to a server automatically at startup, do the following:

Setting up Audio Devices

In order to talk, and hear others, you will need to setup audio devices.

Setting up Push to Talk

If you want to configure push-to-talk, do the following:

Once push-to-talk is configured, you will need to hold down the key you selected to broadcast your voice to the server.

Setting up Voice Activation

If you want to broadcast automatically when you are speaking, do the following:

Note that "voice activation" may pick up other people in the room, television shows, radio programmes, and so on.