Content Creators

There are many wonderful creators on the internet producing aviation related content - both real world pilots, and in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Here are a few we have found along the way, listen in alphabetical order by channel title. Enjoy!

310 Pilot

Join me as I fly my Cessna 310 around for fun.

This channel and the videos contained within are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended as instruction in any way. For instruction please contact your local flight school.

310 Pilot - YouTube

320 Sim Pilot

I am a real world short haul Airbus Pilot flying the A320 family and A320 NEO. I have been a fan of flight simulation at home for 15 plus years and this channel is about using some of my real world experience to bring another perspective to home simulator flying. A focus on airline flying and of course Airbus aircraft but more content to come soon!

320 Sim Pilot - YouTube

737NG Driver

Hi and welcome to my channel! I'm a Boeing 737 pilot for a European airline and flight simulation enthusiast for many years.

I've created this channel mainly to show you the new PMDG 737-700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator from a professional pilots perspective. It is my very first social media project and depending on how I like it I might expand it at a later point in this.

Unless otherwise stated my videos are not intended as tutorials, but as demonstrations what the PMDG 737 can do when flown by a professional.

For now sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!

737NG Driver - YouTube

74 Gear

74 Gear / Pilot Kelsey

Boeing 747 Pilot

All About Aviation

74 Gear - YouTube

Angle of Attack

For student pilots, aviators, and avgeeks who want to learn something about aviation AND be entertained.

First and foremost, we love to see people achieve their aviation goals and dreams. It's to that end that all of our content is focused. With our Online Ground School, our Flight Training in person (in Alaska), our AviatorCast Podcast, weekly Ask the CFI videos, and much more.

So if you're looking for a personal touch and a great experience in your flight training, SUBSCRIBE here and tell all your buddies. We're so happy to have you here, and do let us know what we can do for you.

Throttle On!

Angle of Attack - YouTube

Ask Captain Scott

I'm a 777 Captain who explains how flying works.

askcaptainscott - YouTube

Aus Flight Simmer

Welcome to the Aus Flight Simmer channel - This channel is for the everyday flight simmer. This is where we fly, create & inform and entertain.

Weekly content includes: Microsoft Flight Simulator News videos, (yes every week) Stream Wendesday and Saturdays and flight sim reviews from hardware, aircraft to your local aiport.

Aus Flight Simmer - YouTube

Aviation 101

Aviation and Filmmaking run deep for me - I bounce between being a pilot that happens to make films, or a filmmaker who happens to be a pilot. Regardless, here I share my aviation experiences with you through the lens of a camera. Welcome!

Aviation101 - YouTube

Aviation Pro

Welcome to the AviationPro channel! This channel uploads videos to teach you about the ins and outs of flight simulation, flying on VATSIM and aviation in general! All videos are made with a professional and educative touch, hence: AviationPro!

AviationPro - YouTube

Baron Pilot

Come flying in a Beechcraft Baron aircraft. Sit in the copilot seat as we fly across the country. See first hand what it takes to safely navigate a flight in and around weather. Please feel free to comment and subscribe to be alerted when new videos are published.

Baron Pilot - YouTube

British AV Geek

Everything about Microsoft Flight Simulator! Subscribe Today!

British Avgeek - YouTube

Captain Joe

If you want find out more about flying, then you have come to right place !!!

With my videos I´ll try to give you a closer look into the world of aviation !!!

Send in your question and I´ll do my best to include your answer within upcoming videos !!!

Enjoy, and remember : DO YOUR BEST, FORGET THE REST !!!

Captain Joe - YouTube

C W Lemoine

A Louisiana native, Lemoine is a graduate of the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University in New Orleans. After graduating college, Lemoine joined the Air Force Reserve where he flew the F-16 and accumulated one thousand hours including a combat tour in Iraq.

Lemoine later transferred to the Navy Reserve where he flew F/A-18A+ Hornets for four years. In 2018, he transferred back to the Air Force Reserve where he flew the T-38A as an Adversary Air Pilot for four years. He currently flies for a legacy U.S. airline

In 2011, Lemoine received his Instructor Certification in Survival Krav Maga and his Brown Belt in 2012. He is also a Louisiana P.O.S.T. – 1 certified Law Enforcement Officer and former National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians certified EMT-Basic.

Lemoine lives in New Orleans with his three rescue dogs Luna, Sniper and Kaiser Von Ruff. When he’s not flying or writing, he enjoys volunteering with local law enforcement, working out, and running with his two dogs.

C.W. Lemoine - YouTube

Dutch Pilot Girl

Hi guys!

Welcome to my Aviation Youtube Channel! I guess we have at least one thing in common which is that we both LOVE aviation! Here you can find videos about the life of an airline pilot, flying, airplanes, the industry & aviation in general. Follow me on my Instagram @DutchPilotGirl or chat with me and like-minded individuals on my DISCORD Server. This is the link:

Will I see you there? Have a great day amazing people!

Michelle // DutchPilotGirl

DutchPilotGirl - YouTube


Hello, I'm an A320 flight simmer with over 20 years of flight simulator experience. Now a student of the A320, I love to bring real world standard operating proceedures & techniques into the flight sim world & offer help flying the A320N. Join our Discord to help with problems & get advice & workarounds for any MSFS bugs you may encounter.

Easyjetsimpilot - YouTube

Filbert Flies

Flight simmer since the '90s. Taking you along for the ride in Microsoft Flight Simulator since 2020. Keeping things clean and as realistic as possible.

FilbertFlies - YouTube


An avid flight simmer in my youth I'm now a Captain flying the 737NG. I'm also a qualified TRI having instructed in a Full Motion Level D sim for a European Airline. I have logged 5000 hours on the 737 (the real one) and operate from an Airport in the UK.

I have used desktop simulators since 2002 and they're a fantastic tool to supplement flight training.

The aim of this channel is to provide realistic, informative and useful content to help you enhance your flight simulation experience from the comfort of your own home.

flightdeck2sim - YouTube

Hasard Lee

Current F-35 fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. Previously flew the F-16, including 82 combat missions. In 2016 selected as the Top Instructor Pilot of the Year for Shaw Air Force Base. Mission commander and the only fighter pilot to fly two different types of jets into combat on the same day.

Hasard Lee - YouTube

Into the Blue Simulations

A channel devoted to the passion of all things flight simulation related; hosted by a real-world professional pilot and life-long flight simulation enthusiast.

Into the Blue Simulations - YouTube

Jim Quinn

Our channel is about airplanes, hunting, fishing, cars, and motorcycles. Some stuff is posted for friends or just for fun. This is our family channel, so anyone who can't keep their comments "G" rated will be BANISHED! :)

quinnjim - YouTube

Jonathan Beckett

When not working as a software and web developer, I can often be found experimenting with flight simulators, and posting my exploits for others to enjoy on YouTube.

My flight simulation story started in the mid 1980s with 8 bit computers and "Flight Sim 737" on cassette tape. It progressed through from "Flight Simulator 2" by Sublogic on the Atari ST, through to the various incarnations of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D, X-Plane and DCS.

When not bashing my head against the desk repeatedly after a crash-to-desktop, or sitting in conference calls pretending to be clever, I also write idiotic blog posts, occasionally trudge around town in running shoes, and attempt to survive living in a house with four women and two cats.

Jonathan Beckett - YouTube

Missionary Bush Pilot

New Flight Vlogs | Every Week.

I fly the Kodiak 100 in some of the worlds most epic scenery ...Papua New Guinea.

My job as a bush pilot is to fly missionaries, medical flights, and cargo into mountain and jungle airstrips throughout all of PNG.

It's a rewarding and exciting job, and I want to share it with you through these flight vlogs, giving you a glimpse into a pilots life and the daily decisions I have to make.

New Flight Vlogs | Every Week.....So be sure to SUBSCRIBE NOW if you like Day in the Life pilot vlogs with a cockpit view of some of the dangerous runways in the world.

Missionary Bush Pilot - YouTube

Pilot Bambi

24 year old Pilot, Skydiver and All-round Adventurer.

Let me show you my world of aviation!

I hope to inspire and encourage everyone to chase their wildest dreams. Nothing is better, or more rewarding, than working towards what makes you happy.

Pilot Bambi - YouTube

Pilot Blog

Hello Guys! My name is Denys, and I am Boeing 737 Captain. Before I used to fly ATR 42/72.

I am making the videos on this Pilot Blog channel to encourage people all around the world to join our aviation community.

Here you'll see interesting aviation videos from pilot's perspective. Enjoy:)

Pilot Blog - YouTube

Pilot Emilie

Life's short, why not make it an adventure?!

Hi! My name is Emilie and welcome to my channel! I am passionate about traveling and adventuring. During the day, I'm a First Officer on the Dash 8/Q400 at a regional airline in Canada. At night I'm a gym and wine enthusiast. You can most likely find me somewhere in nature during my days off, hiking another peak, or discovering some hidden gems in a new country.

I post videos about flying, travel, flight simming, aviation education as well as vlogs about my majestic day-to-day life! I hope to inspire you to achieve your dreams, whether that be to become a pilot or to travel around the world!!

I love connecting with people and sharing my journey! Thanks for being a part of it :)

So if you're an aviation buff, a travel junkie or someone who loves adventure, please subscribe to my channel!!

Pilot Emilie - YouTube

Sam Chui

Citizen of the Sky

I hope my videos can bring you closer to my aviation and travel experience. Thanks for viewing them!

Sam Chui - YouTube

Sim Flight Pro

Welcome to the Channel. If you are into flight simming, or anything related to flights, this is your place. A channel to showcase areas around flight simming that could entertain you, guide you and help you learn things you may or may not know. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy!

SimFlightPro - YouTube

Stefan Drury

Hey, I'm Stef (@stef747) pilot and traveller. I make aviation and travel videos of my adventures in Australia and beyond to help you make awesome adventures of your own. I fly a Cirrus SR22 from Melbourne in Australia. I love making videos of my travel experiences and sharing them here on YouTube to help encourage you to get out, flex your curiosity, and make some epic stories of your own on this big beautiful planet we all share. I am grateful to call Australia home and be able to travel by land and air across this beautiful country. I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. I pay my respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. For more about me visit

Stefan Drury - YouTube

Trent Palmer

I direct flying robots in the film industry, and drive a big tired Kitfox on the side. I prefer dirt to pavement and enjoy making fun videos along the way.

Trent Palmer - YouTube

V1 Simulations

Welcome to V1-Simulations! I am a real world Pilot currently flying the narrow-body Airbus fleet ( A319 A320 A321 A320NEO) I just so happen to be an avid flight sim enthusiast and aviation fan. On this channel you will find a variety of videos ranging from Airbus, Boeing, GA, helicopters, and everything in between! I love to teach and I am also a Certified Flight instructor and have taught on several different air-frames. Combining my passions of aviation, teaching, and Flight Simming brought me to create this channel to share with you!

V1-Simulations - YouTube

Ward Carroll

Ward Carroll flew F-14 Tomcats for fifteen years after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy. He was named Naval Institute Press Author of the Year in 2001 for his novel Punk’s War and is also the author of Punk’s Fight and Punk’s Wing. He is the host of the popular Ward Carroll YouTube channel.

Ward Carroll - YouTube