What is Transmitter?

Transmitter is an add-on for LittleNavMap - where all people running Transmitter appear as aircraft on the map both in LittleNavMap, and on the "Who's Online" page of the VirtualFlight.Online website.

Download and install the Transmitter client

Download the Transmitter client application from the following link:

Configure Transmitter

When you run the release version of Transmitter from the link above, you'll need to enter our server URL in the Transmitter client.

The server URL is as follows:

Configure LittleNavMap

To configure LittleNavMap to show people running Transmitter, follow these steps:

Then within LittleNavMap, select the red aircraft icon in the toolbar to show online aircraft. You can also show online aircraft in the "Online Clients" tab of the search dialog within LittleNavMap.