If you've ever wanted to invite others to come flying with you in Microsoft Flight Simulator but didn't know where to start, you've come to the right place. VirtualFlight.Online was setup expressly to create a community of flight simulation enthusiasts to fly with. We host lots of informal invitational flights, where you can let the community know where, when, and what you will be flying.


  • If you want to post invites, listen to, and talk to others in flight, you will need to join the Discord server. Discord is an application you can run alongside Microsoft Flight Simulator, and provides excellent live voice-chat and screen-sharing facilities for free. Discord server membership is by invitation - visit to get a free invite.

  • If you want to see other people within the simulator, you'll need Flight Simulator configured for "All Players" in the flight conditions settings, and you'll need to be connected to the same in-game server as the rest of your group. Check the notes for the event or invitation you are responding to.

How do I post invites for others to fly with me?

Post invites in the #invitations channel of the VirtualFlight.Online Discord server, and precede your invitation with "@everyone", which notifies everyone in the server of your message. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Include details in your invitation about what, when and where you are flying.

  • Tell people which Flight Simulator server you are using.

  • Tell people which Discord voice channel you will be in (typically the #invitations voice channel)


  • If joining the Discord server for voice communications during any flight, conversation must remain family friendly, respectful, and not stray into any subjects that may offend such as adult jokes, politics, religion, racism, drugs, or hate-speech.


  • If you want to see other pilots on a map, Transmitter is an excellent add-on for LittleNavMap - where all people running Transmitter appear as aircraft on the map both in LittleNavMap, and on the "Who's Online" page of the VirtualFlight.Online website.