In order to communicate with Air Traffic Control, you will need a callsign. Given that the membership of VirtualFlight.Online come from all over the world, we thought it might be nice if people assigned themselves callsigns following the patterns of their country of origin.

Callsigns and Tail Numbers

It's worth noting that general and commercial aviation differ in terms of their callsigns:

  • For general aviation flight, your callsign is the registration of your aircraft (also commonly referred to as the tail number).

  • For commercial aviation, your callsign is your flight number.

  • If flying together as a group in general aviation, you might also be collectively addressed by ATC as a flight number too.

International Aircraft Registration Formats

You can lookup international tail-number formats at the following page in Wikipedia:


Here are some examples from a few countries of the world:

United Kingdom

G-ABCD (G followed by a hyphen, then four alphabetic characters).

United States

N123AB (N followed by five alpha-numeric characters - the first three of which should be numbers)


C-ABCD (C followed by a hyphen, then four alphabetic characters)

Feel free to find out the callsigns for your part of the world, and prefix your username within the VirtualFlight.Online Discord Server with yours.


D-ABCD (D followed by a hyphen, then four alphabetic characters)