What are events ?

Events are group flights for the community to take part in, organised in advance. They are open to everybody, and can be arranged by anybody.


Configure your multi-player settings

Join Discord to talk to each other

Where are events advertised?

Events are listed in theĀ  Discord server in the following locations:

How do I take part in an event?


Can I create my own events ?

Yes! In order to arrange events for the community, you just need to be a member of the Discord server - anybody can create events.

Pre-requisite - Two Factor Authentication

To create events in Discord, you must have multi-factor authentication configured on your Discord account. This is a rule set by Discord - not by us. To do this:

You will need a smartphone.

Create an Event in Discord

Click the "Events" link at the top of the left margin in Discord - this will show you a list of upcoming events (if there are any), and a button to create a new event - click it.

The "Create Event" form takes you through a number of questions:

Create a topic in the Events Channel in Discord

When you created the event (above), you were only allowed 1000 characters to describe your event - you may have wanted more, and might like to also upload images, or flight-plan files. To do so, create a topic in the Events channel in Discord - where you can upload flight plans, paste pictures, links to downloads, and any further information people might need.

Please prefix the title of your forum post with the date in YYYY-MM-DD format to help people find event topics easily.

Market Your Event

Just because the event is there doesn't mean people will necessarily see it. Feel free to tell others about the flight on social media platforms - if you need to direct them to VirtualFlight.Online, send them a link to Discord:

Host Your Event

In good time before the start-time of your event, go and hang out in the Events Chat voice channel, and welcome people as they arrive - from here on in, you're the host - it's your show. Please keep the "family friendly" rule foremost in your mind throughout your event.

Example Event Text

As noted above, here's an example description from a past flight using markdown syntax for an event - which you can modify, and paste into a new event thread.

Here's a quick primer on the markdown syntax that Discord understands:

On Sunday 28th August 2022 at 1900 UTC, we will host a group flight exploring the Los Nevados mountains in Columbia - departing from Satiago Vila, and finishing at El Eden.


Sunday 28th August 2022, 1900 UTC / 2000 BST

**Flight Plan**

There is no flightplan to download - just the notes below. Feel free to use navigation solutions at your disposal to make a plan, follow the notes, or follow the pack!

- SKGI Santiago Vila - departure

- SKIB Perales - touch and go

- SKGK Pajonales Airport - touch and go

- SKQU Mariquita - full stop - 5 minute break

- SKMZ La Nubia - touch and go

- SKPE Matecana - touch and go

- SKGO Santa Ana - touch and go

- SKAR El Eden - destination

Approx. 169nm

**Suggested Aircraft**

Any aircraft capable of 120 knots or more in cruise to complete the flight in a timely manner (we try to keep flights under 2 hours).

**Voice Communications**

To talk to fellow pilots during the flight, visit the VirtualFlight.Online discord server:

If you've never used Discord before, find out more here:

**Multiplayer Network**

If you want to see other aircraft within Microsoft Flight Simulator, make sure the following are configured:

1. You must have Multiplayer data switched on

2. You must select "All Players" in flight conditions

3. Choose the "SOUTH EAST ASIA" mutiplayer server

If you would like to see other aircraft while en-route, check out the Volanta app - available for free from

**Rules / Guidelines**

- If joining the Discord server for voice communications during the flight, conversation must remain family friendly, respectful, and not stray into any subjects that might offend such as adult jokes, politics, religion, racism, or hate-speech.

- Try to stay with the group! If the group is becoming stretched, loop back and join the rear of the group.

- Try to stay online until everybody has landed at the final airfield.